Warm congratulations on the successful convening of the company's first workers' congress

On February 1, 2016, the first employee congress of Zhongjian Company was successfully held since its establishment. Gong Chengguo and other 35 employee representatives were elected at the meeting for the first time. These 35 representatives were all from the company's logistics and production front lines and were completely elected by the masses. At the workers' congress that day, the representatives discussed and approved three measures closely related to the interests of employees, namely "Administrative Measures for Employee Entry and Resignation", "Administrative Measures for Employee Compensation and Work Injury", and "Administrative Measures for Employee Holidays, Attendance and Living Allowance". company policy. This move marks that employees have their own right to speak and to participate in the decision-making power of major events of the company. It also marks that our company is more democratic and enlightened, and the system is more mature and perfect.




employee representative election

The 2015 year-end summary and commendation meeting was held on February 3

On February 3, 2016, the company's 2015 year-end summary and commendation meeting was successfully held. At the meeting, general manager Ye Min made a 2015 annual work summary report, detailing the work process and achievements of the 2015 general manager's office. In order to commend the advanced and motivate the backward, to create a good working atmosphere of learning advanced and striving for the first in the whole company, 5 departments including the weaving workshop were awarded the advanced departments in 2015, and 33 employees including Huang Fanhui were awarded the honorary titles of production pacesetters and advanced individuals.




2015 Work Summary of Zhongjian Company (excerpt)

Dear employees and guests:

Hello everyone!

Now, on behalf of the general manager of the company, I will present the 2015 annual work summary and commendation and 2016 work mobilization report to the conference.

In 2015, the market was the lowest and the operation was the most difficult since the company was established. In May, the company's monthly order volume was less than 50% of the usual, and there was nothing to do for half a month. Under the severe situation, in order to ensure that employees have wages, the team can be stable, and the company can survive, make scientific decisions, summarize and analyze market demand, and make up for the lack of orders with advance orders to meet production. After intensifying marketing efforts, strengthening the marketing team, and actively seeking new customers in new markets, it was not until November that the company's order reception improved, the production needs were met, and the difficulties were overcome. Achieved throughout the year:




Leaders present awards to advanced individuals

The sales amounted to 101 million yuan, a decrease of 9.08% over the previous year;

Self-operated exports were US$7.78 million, an increase of 4.71% over the previous year;

The tax was 6.83 million yuan, an increase of 10.7% over the previous year;

Wages and benefits were 23.78 million yuan, a decrease of 5.37% over the previous year.

Although this achievement has not reached the business target set by the company at the beginning of the year, the wages of employees are guaranteed, the production facilities are further upgraded and upgraded, the management is continuously improved, the corporate image is continuously optimized, and the company can survive. Looking back on the work of the past year, we continue to focus on improving and perfecting production and operation management.

Focus on improving and perfecting production and operation management.




General Manager Ye Min made the 2015 annual work summary report

1. People-oriented and stable team

In the case of a serious shortage of orders, we have done everything possible to ensure employee benefits and benefits. In terms of wages, insurance, and living, we benefit more employees, improve employee satisfaction, and stabilize the workforce.

2. Seek the market to meet the production

In response to the unfavorable situation of large shortage of orders, cost-saving and even loss-making operations and production, we promptly adopted supply and marketing strategies, strengthened marketing efforts, and tried every means to capture market opportunities in a timely manner; stabilize the quality of raw materials, reduce the cost of raw material procurement, optimize and stabilize the raw material supply chain, and resolve the operation. The crisis has basically maintained the production demand for orders and raw materials.

3. Improve management and improve efficiency

Under the condition that the profit point of the order is almost "unprofitable", we rely on quality to survive and follow the three principles of quality management: focus on source control (improving raw material inspection standards), focus on production process inspection (production first inspection system), and focus on factory sampling; Relying on reducing consumption and striving for profit, advocating saving, starting from me, starting from saving bit by bit; relying on production development, strengthening production planning, integrating resources, strengthening department collaboration, continuous improvement of various work, and achieved good results.




The leaders at the closing ceremony of the conference took a group photo with the advanced groups

2016 work focus:

1. Introduce professional marketing personnel (or strengthen cooperation with them), pay attention to the training of new marketing personnel, improve loyalty to the enterprise, and reserve talents for the sustainable development of the marketing team.

2. Focusing on the goal of "self-operated customers, long-term customers, and high profit from orders", strengthen the self-operated export incentive mechanism, and marketers should go deep into the production line to control product quality and delivery from the source.

3. Purchasing grey fabrics, packaging materials, chemicals and hardware accessories, select more than 2 suppliers, and implement a "comparison of three companies, evaluation of good and bad grades" and sign a supply agreement in a "competitive bidding method";

4. Strengthen the mechanism of "employee training and education, work supervision, accountability for accidents and correction and prevention", gradually improve the overall quality of employees, standardize and improve work procedures,

5. The Ministry of Administration should strengthen production and traffic safety education and drills, check and implement safety production responsibilities, and comprehensively prevent hazards and plug leaks. Strengthen the propaganda and effectively transmit the company's will and ideas to the team and the front line.

Staff comrades, in the new year, in order for the company to survive and have something to do, we must unite as one, improve our skills, strive for progress, climb the peak, fully realize the business goals issued by the board of directors in 2016, and make contributions to the development of the company. own contribution.

Hubei Zhongjian Medical Products Co., Ltd.

January 2016


Sing, dance and sing Zhongjian, welcome spring with laughter and joy




The energetic team of hosts (from left to right: Chen Yan from the Warehouse Department, Jin Wenhao from the Sales Department, You Yu from the Sales Department, and Zhou Qinwei from the Sales Department

2016 Spring Festival Gala Collection

On the evening of February 3, 2016, a unique and colorful Spring Festival Gala was held at the staff's home. Based on the principle of self-entertainment, all the programs of this party were led by the company's internal staff, and everyone gathered together happily. It was full of fun, and the employees showed their talents in many ways. It can be described as brilliant, with climaxes, continuous applause and laughter, which fully demonstrated the harmonious atmosphere of Zhongjian's corporate culture.




The sketch "Three and a Half Sentences" performed in the abdominal pad workshop




The sketch "Military Training" of the logistics performance

Part-time job nearby, family rest assured

Zhongjian company welcomes you to work

1. Company Profile:

Hubei Zhongjian Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 and has 800 employees. In 2014, the company invested nearly 50 million yuan to build a new high-standard clean workshop (warm in winter and cool in summer), apartment-style staff dormitory with kitchen and bathroom Hexin canteen, 24-hour hot tub, table tennis, badminton hall, basketball court, computer library and other cultural and sports facilities. The new production line has a high degree of automation, excellent working environment, low labor intensity and good welfare benefits.

2. Recruitment types:

1. 20 belly pad sewing workers;

2. 4 to 10 gauze machine folding workers;

3. 20 abdominal pad inspection workers;

4. 10 blister packers;

5. 5 weaving workers;

6. 2 mechatronics professionals;

7. CET-6 3-5 people.

Healthy women aged 18-40 with a junior high school education level or above are required; new employees who sign labor contracts with the company can enjoy social security and other welfare benefits; during the three-month training period, the training fees will be subsidized by 800 yuan, 700 yuan, and 500 yuan respectively. The monthly full-day labor wage can reach 2,600 yuan/month, and the skilled worker can reach more than 4,000 yuan/month.

Work from home, pay well

Make money at home, happy reunion

Address: No. 20, Jincheng Avenue, Tiancheng Industrial Park, Chongyang County

Contact: Director Gong 15971570199 Section Chief Huang 15872054202 13986620517

Recruitment hotline: 0715- 3371379 3391478

You come to Zhongjian, my wish

Come to Zhongjian, infinite nostalgia

Don't believe it? Look at Zhongjian!




This year's recruitment form is very good. On the early morning of the seventh day of the first lunar month, a recruitment conference led by the county party committee and county government, and undertaken by the Economic and Information Bureau and the Labor Bureau was held in the county labor bureau. The county was attended by more than 60 employers. , crowded and lively. The handsome guys and beautiful girls in our human resources department braved the severe cold, provided warm service to the migrant workers in their hometown, and explained patiently. The combination of high appearance and value attracted passers-by to stop for consultation. More than 50 people registered and signed contracts of intent in just one day. At the beginning of the year, it was a good start for Zhongjian to introduce talents.

a jingle

Which one is better for labor and employment? Zhongjian Company is well-known.

A good place with a first-class environment, easy to make money and busy orders.

After work, there is a lot of leisure, and the birds and flowers are fragrant.

Badminton hall, basketball court, reading books and surfing the Internet.

Three rooms, one living room, kitchen and bathroom, the staff canteen is delicious and fragrant.

We sincerely invite hometown visitors from all over the world to join us in creating brilliance in Zhongjian!

<Author: Huang Hui>