Leader's Speech

Hubei Health Medical Supplies Limited has gone through twenty years of extraordinary course. Twenty years, we uphold the "Care for life, the pursuit of excellence" business purpose, adhere to assume responsibility for the country, to create a harmonious society, for the people to create a healthy contribution to shareholder value. The company has made remarkable achievements, has won wide trust and respect.

Hubei major changes in health is living among Chinese dressing industry. As a corporate team dressing, Hubei health bears heavy responsibility to grow and develop the national dressing industry, shouldering all the Chinese people stronger and bigger expectations of dressing, "stormy hero character," is willing to do Hubei Chong strong dressing dressing industry Big changes, big promoter of development, accelerating the pace of transformation strategy, enhance the management level, to join industry colleagues Gongpu row of dressing industry development chapter.

Embark on a new journey, we will be bold reform and innovation, social commitment in mind, the glorious heritage of history and shoulder the sacred mission, constantly working industry and trade integration of large enterprises great dream dressing. In this regard, but we remain firm pace.