Creating value - the eternal theme of enterprise survival

Why does a business survive? What do we do a business for? I once posted a Weibo that summed it up like this: People are first to live, then to live, then to live for more people, and then to live for more people life.

To live is to survive, it is the most basic need of the body. Life is a quality requirement for the value of living. A person's life, his value is reflected in the responsibility, the responsibility to family, friends and society. This responsibility lies in how much value he creates, how much responsibility he takes. So I think the reason why enterprises survive is to create value, including internal value and external value. Internal value is the material demand that the enterprise itself needs to survive, that is, to live; external value is the value created for the society. The awareness of the existence of the enterprise reflected in the society is life.

Internal value:

How to create value? Where does the money come from?

Create value by gauze, and the money comes from the customer's pocket.

Why customers give you money is because they recognize your product, because the product creates the value that the customer needs.

Does your product create value for customers?

Creating value for customers includes three aspects:

1. Delivery time (yield)

2. Quality

3. Service, we call it "reverence for customers".

How do we do it? Let's see what customers say.

1. The idea that as long as the production is increased and the delivery is done is the root of the problem.

2. The emperor's daughter is not worried about marriage.

3. We are afraid of your products, and always make mistakes and rework.

4. 108 complaints of returns and loss of money.




How to achieve both production and quality?

First, optimize the process and increase the output per unit time;

Second, we must establish quality awareness;

Three to innovate (equipment, technology, product)

Today we focus on quality, which is the inherent characteristics of products and customer requirements. Do you know the inherent characteristics and customer requirements of the products you produce? Have you thought about this subconsciously? If you cultivate this awareness? I think in addition to our training and learning professional knowledge, we must also create an atmosphere.

These pictures reflect the lack of quality awareness, as the customer said: "Just increase the production and deliver it".

Such behavior leads to: Ningbo returns, no orders from the factory, claims, no batch number of products, damaged cartons, hair, thread ends, and sundries.

Are these products made by you?

Our final products represent the company. These products are related to each link. Quality problems in each link will cause trouble for the next process, and even cause the quality of the final product to fail. This requires us to establish: "Next process" The process is the customer of the previous process”. Communication and supervision are indispensable in this, and the relationship between the three must be properly handled, the cooperation between the upper and lower processes, and the supervision of the quality inspection department. The producer is always the first responsible person for quality, and the poor quality control is the connivance of the supervision of quality problems. In the process of communication and coordination, I emphasize two sentences:

1. Tolerance and understanding show unacceptable attitudes and methods in communication.

Second, he is for work, we should accept and respect him.

can you do it?

How do you usually do it?

When a quality problem occurs or is discovered, do you report it immediately, or do you immediately find a way to deal with it? Or do you cover up the past?

Through the above elaboration, everyone should know that the existence and development of an enterprise is to continuously create value, and the most important thing is to create the required value for customers, that is, to bring the required value to customers through normal process management and on-site operations.

Operation according to the technological process and on-site management regulations can meet the needs of the product itself, so what about the special requirements of customers? For the same product, why should customers buy ours? What needs to be explained here is the core competitiveness. What is our core competitiveness? "Low cost, quick response".

Steps to create customer value:

1. Unified thinking: I am from Zhongjian.

2. Identify the goal: the unity of the team's goal and the individual goal.

3. Recognize the process: what are my responsibilities?

4. Identify customers: What value have I created?

5. Result Execution: Result-oriented behavior that creates commutative results.










At the invitation of Qingdao AP Company, on March 19, Chairman Wang led the Zhongjian team to attend the company's spring annual meeting. At this meeting, Chairman Wang introduced the development history of Zhongjian Company since its establishment in detail, and put the Zhongjian team in the company's spring annual meeting. The business card of Jian Company made a gorgeous presentation to merchants from all over the world.

The picture shows that Chairman Wang is introducing the new factory of Zhongjian to the merchants.