Staff Corner

Allegro one song

——Author: Yu Chongling, Abdominal Pad Workshop

Zhongjian big stage, congratulations on making a fortune.

This year is extraordinary, good luck comes one after another.

Surprises are flying all over the sky, I wish you touch your phone.

Gathered together in a happy mood.

Looking at Zhongjian now, the future is really unlimited.

The change is really not small, listen to me for a table.

Walking into Dazhongjian, the accommodation is really convenient.

A three-bedroom, one-living dormitory building with air conditioning in every room.

The entire factory environment is excellent, clean and tidy without littering.

The air is fresh and green, there are trees, flowers and grass.

The office building is really stylish, and the customer saw it and gave it a thumbs up.

The bathroom has hot water throughout the day, so you can take a bath comfortably.

Wide and bright canteen, three dishes and one soup for free.

Walk into Dazhongjian and come to the abdominal pad.

The high-speed sewing machine goes straight and sews each piece carefully.

Check the film carefully to ensure that the product has a wireless head.

The square workshop is busy with folding, and the mold folding is really good.

The gauze ball is round and round, fast and easy to play.

Machine folding workshop machine folding, check a line while folding.

Seal the delivery date on all sides, and blister disinfection to catch the next batch.

The weaving workshops are lined up, and the shuttles are busy like flying weavers.

The mind is skillful in weaving the girl, and the gauze is woven all over the room.

When entering Dazhongjian, safety comes first.

The alarm bell rings from time to time, often eliminating hidden dangers.

The company's future is prosperous, relying on quality,

Quality is long-lasting, everything will be there.

Corporate culture is a treasure, rich and colorful atmosphere.

Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger produces elites, high quality and high yield create ten stars.

I wish you all good health and a prosperous family.